Monday, February 1, 2010


When Porter was between 18 an 24 months old he loved to dig with our dog, Buster.  Porter would dig just like the dog. He would spread his legs and shovel the dirt out with both hands. Side-by-side the boy and dog would dig holes. This would keep him occupied for hours. I would clean the house, do the dishes, play with baby Jacob and check on him through the patio doors.  (Our back yard was all fenced with the gate wired shut-which is another story to tell). I put Jacob down for a nap and went to get Porter for lunch. I stood on the patio looking for Porter. Neither Porter or Buster were in sight.
"PORTER!", I yelled.
Up popped boy and dog heads out of their own holes- over 2 feet deep.
Our backyard looked like a scene from the movie "Holes" but at least he was being entertained.


  1. It makes me feel so good to know that others have the same kind of life I do! Thanks for making me feel good!

  2. Thanks Andrea, I have a good book that I recommend for dealing with attachment issues that is really working well with our kids- call me.