Tuesday, February 2, 2010

George of the Jungle

There are certain movies that have a profound impact on our lives. Not always for the best. "George of the Jungle" is one of those movies.
Jacob decided he wanted to swing like George. The shower curtain was the first casualty. He stood on the side of the tub, grabbed the curtain and leaped (or is that leapt?). He didn't go far and he didn't like getting a time out. But do you think that stopped him? Not a chance, didn't even slow the kid down. 
Next day I am in the kitchen fixing lunch. Porter (4) and Jacob (3) are in the family room watching t.v. I hear a clunk and pause to listen for the crying to start. No crying- that means it's bad.  I rush in the room to Porter saying, "He's dead!" I found Jacob unconscious at the foot of the hearth. As he starts to come to Porter is trying to explain what Jacob had done.
Jacob had wrapped the levelor blind's cord around his neck (his neck he later explained because the cord was too slippery in his hands) and jumped off the hearth. The cord had zipped him like a top and he hit his head on the bricks knocking him out. The cord had cauterized his neck which was oozing clear liquid.
I called the pediatrician (had him on speed dial) and asked him if I needed to call 911 or bring him in to the office. Since he was conscious and breathing on his own they told me to bring him to the office.
While in the doctor's office 7 nurses came to look at Jake's neck. Finally, I asked what was happening. The nurse told me they had never seen a survivor of an incident like this. (Was that supposed to sooth me?). Jacob was diagnosed with a concussion. Neosporin was all that was recommended for his neck.
Every time he gets a tan you can see the thin white scar that runs around his neck.
Be careful what movies you let your kids watch.

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