Friday, February 19, 2010

"I Just Wanted to Put on Mascara"

In the beginning of my boys toddlerhood I learned to lock the door to my bedroom door at all times to keep the boys out. But of course by the age of 2 they figured out how to take the inside of a ball point pen, push it in the little hole, turn the knob and the door will open.

I was in the family room when Jacob said he had to go to the bathroom (yes, he was potty trained by 2- a godsend since I had three in diaper at a time, but that is another story).  Screams rang out. I rushed to help. He had unlocked my door, gone into the bathroom, climbed the countertop and from the top shelf gotten my fingernail polish out- all in under a minute.

He had glued his eyes shut. I pried one open and could see thick clear liquid floating around. I grabbed him up along the other kids, setting a record time getting all three in threir car seats. Luckily the hospital was close.

Our family members were not strangers to this ER. And Jacob was known by sight. Remember Norm from Cheers? Yep, that was Jacob (or Jakey at this time as he preferred to be called) .  The doctor came quickly saying, "Jakey what did you do this time?" Jacob's response, "I Just Wanted to Put on Mascara".

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