Monday, February 22, 2010

A Language All Their Own

We have all heard how some twins have their own language. While my boys aren't twins (they are 14 months apart) they created a language all their own.  Porter did not talk (except for mom, dad, dog, and various sounds) until he was 3 and half years old. He suffered from chronic ear infections for two years after he was born. The doctor explained that Porter heard everything as if he was under water and therefore spoke in "bubble talk".
Jacob started talking just fine at a "normal age". But his brother soon converted him. I was the only person that could translate what they were saying. My husband would just throw his arms up and ask me what they were saying. We finally taught the boys sign language for their basic needs and that helped greatly.
But when Porter wanted something he would get extremely frustrated that I wasn't reacting fast enough.
My favorite memory is when he wanted "gong, gong".  What?  Yanking on my shirt he kept saying, "gong, gong". After five minutes I apologized and told him a just didn't know what he wanted. He thought for a second then said, "Gong, gong, ga-gong gong, ga-gong, gong, ga-gong, gong".  In case you also need a translator that was him doing Darth Vadar's theme song. He wanted to watch "The Empire Stikes Back". Pretty clever.

Here are just a few of the words they used and the word it represented.
mabocks- dill pickles
babooshka- Captain Crunch cereal (yes, I know that is Russian for "Grandma" - I don't know the link)
horsey- tuna fish (tasty)
others to come as we remember them


  1. Remember the translation for Noelle? Well they just called me Ben!

  2. Oh, that's right. Thanks Ben- I mean Noellle. The "L" is a sound they only conquered around the age of 12.