Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Scar #2 on the Corner of Porter's Eye

A few days after the birth of Jacob Adam and I went grocery shopping. My mom was in town helping so she watched the boys. As we were unloading the van Porter (14 months) came out to help.  He grabbed a jar of spagetti sauce (a large glass one). As he was walking up to the house he dropped the jar. It exploded sending glass and spagetti sauce everywhere. When I say everywhere I mean everywhere- the portico leading into the house was 12 feet high and spagetti sauce covered it. Porter started screaming. That's when I noticed the piece of glass sticking out of the skin at the corner of his eye. My mom comes out with a cloth to try to stop the bleeding, I scoop him up and Adam drives us the the hospital. This was a different hospital because the regular one was getting remodeled.
The staff immediately took him in. After evaluation they tied him in a papoose to keep his arms still while they stitched him up. A nurse politely asked me to come with the hell telling me that I was causing my son additional stress and that he would calm down if I wasn't by him. As I reluctantly left with the nurse I turned to see my determined little boy breaking out of the "child proof" contraption and four grown men have to hold him down. (Yes, they got just a little taste of the stubborness of my child).

The nurse had me sit down while she started filling out paper work.

She stopped, looked up at me and said, "Now why did you hit your son over his head with a jar of spagetti sauce?"

My mouth dropped open. I asked if I could use her phone (in the days before cell phones). I called my house and urgently told my mom to stop cleaning the mess and take pictures of it instead showing that the jar had hot the ground first and not Porter's head. I explained that the nurse thought I had hurt Porter. My mother started shreiking as only a mother can shreik in the process of protecting her child. She asked to speak to the nurse.

The nurse did not ask again and the police never showed up at our house.

The tale of the 1st and 3rd scars on the same eye are for later.