Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Ups and Downs in Porter's Life

        We went to a family reunion in Park City when Porter was 2, Jacob was 1 and I was pregnant with Riley.  The condos we stayed at had three stories with two elevators side by side. As a family we rode up to our room. Porter decided to be funny and ran back into the elevator as we walked to the room. Picture in your mind the following scenario (of course in slow motion as a panicking mother tries to save her child) bratty little kid laughing in a hysterical maniacal way as he thinks he is getting the better of his mom. The door closes within an inch of my reaching hand.
        Shortly thereafter the elevator starts to go down and the laugh turns to a questioning sound. I quickly run down the stairs to meet the elevator. I get to the bottom but his elevator stopped on the middle floor and he got off and went into the other elevator. He went up but Adam wasn't there because Adam had seen the first elevator door open without Porter and got in to search for him. It was like a scene out of the Three Stooges! By now you could hear Porter frantically asking where we were. This continued for quite a while with both of us yelling (one down the elevator shaft and one up) for him to stay put. At this point he was screaming and crying for us to find him.
        Eventually a sweet little old lady happened along, took him by the hand and had him stay put till I got to the floor he was on. One of many ups and downs being a parent.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Blond Afro aka The Chick Magnet

After a year long break I am back to humoring myself and some of you. My boy, Jacob, has great hair. Which is amazing in and of itself because at 2 years old he woke up one morning with all his straight hair on his pillow. I took him to the doctor. The doctor opened jacob's file (a thick file)- let's take a look at what happened two months ago. Sure enough Jacob had suffered a fever of unknown origin that reached 106.  It cooked his hair and made it all fall out. But luckily for him when it grew backit was curly- very curly.  He says it's a "chick magnet". 
I am posting some pictures of his hair.  
This is his kindergarten picture.

This picture is with our neighbor, Gabrielle, who went as Napoleon for halloween.

I noticed he recently updated his facebook profile picture with his combed out fro (not my favorite look).
Maybe tomorrow I will take a picture of his hair somewhat tamed. He tells me he uses lotion to keep it from being frizzing. He is one funny kid.