Monday, June 20, 2011

The Blond Afro aka The Chick Magnet

After a year long break I am back to humoring myself and some of you. My boy, Jacob, has great hair. Which is amazing in and of itself because at 2 years old he woke up one morning with all his straight hair on his pillow. I took him to the doctor. The doctor opened jacob's file (a thick file)- let's take a look at what happened two months ago. Sure enough Jacob had suffered a fever of unknown origin that reached 106.  It cooked his hair and made it all fall out. But luckily for him when it grew backit was curly- very curly.  He says it's a "chick magnet". 
I am posting some pictures of his hair.  
This is his kindergarten picture.

This picture is with our neighbor, Gabrielle, who went as Napoleon for halloween.

I noticed he recently updated his facebook profile picture with his combed out fro (not my favorite look).
Maybe tomorrow I will take a picture of his hair somewhat tamed. He tells me he uses lotion to keep it from being frizzing. He is one funny kid.

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  1. that is some crazy hair! welcome back to blogland! i look forward to hearing more from you!!