Monday, May 3, 2010

Superman Pukes

       I'm sure many of you have had to deal with your child wearing a costume for weeks, even months, on end. Jake wore his superman cape everywhere he went- even preschool. The only problem was that Jake actually thought he had Superman powers. He would run in front of cars knowing his power would stop them. He would run off walls and leap thinking he would fly.
       One afternoon while my mom was visting from Utah, Jake climbed onto the kitchen table (he had figured out how to unbungee the chairs by this time- that's another story). At full tilt the child ran all the way to the end of the table and dove off. Much to his surprise he did not fly, instead he landed on a chair hitting his forehead on the back of the it. The event wasn't over- the chair skidded across the tile floor to come to an abrupt stop at the carpet edge throwing Jake backwards where he hit the back of his head on the tile floor.
       He cried for just a bit and then was very mad that he couldn't get the flying part to work. I gave him a childrens Tylenol, checked his pupils, and he went on playing.
       Later that evening we took my mom and kids to our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Margarita.  Half way through dinner Jake came over white as a sheet and started to say, "Mom, I feel......". He then puked his Mexican food all over my sandalled feet. I told my family I would see them later and took Jake to the hospital. By this time Jake was very still and quiet.
       The hospital staff immediately knew something was wrong as Jake was seldom ever this way.  While in the MRI Jake didn't move at all- normally we had to strap him down. The ER doctor came in with the results- double concussion. One in the front one in the back. These were concussions 3 and 4 before the age of four. And he wonders why I make him wear a scrum cap in Rugby.

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