Sunday, February 7, 2010

Slaughter House Birthday Party

When living in Utah we would travel on I-15 to the Grandparent's house. On the way back there was always a horrible smell as we passed Draper. Our kids would ask what the horrible smell was. Neither Adam nor I would tell them.
After nearly a year with this happening every time we drove passed I finally answered the question. I turned around, faced my three little kids in their carseats (strategically placed in the minivan so they could not hit each other) and told them it was the slaughter house. Jacob (6 and lover of all animals) asked,
"What is a slaughter house?"
I explained that that is where the cows go to be killed to make hamburgers.
He started cry and then I could see the light bulb go on.
He sat up straight and asked, "Could I have my birthday party there?"

As I tried to stop laughing I explained that I didn't think any moms would let there kids go to a birthday party at the slaughter. Thankfully he settled for Chuck E Cheese.


  1. So funny! I think Russ would let his kids have a b-day party at the slaughter house before Chuck. E. Cheese!!

  2. It might be quieter but what would we give out as party favors?