Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Johnny Jump Up Sling Shot

From the time Porter was 6 months he wanted to stand on my lap and bounce and bounce and bounce on my legs until they were bruised. Then I discovered the Johnny Jump Up. It hooked over the door casing, had elastic sides and a seat like a baby walker . It was long enough for his feet to touch and push off. He would bounce for hours.

Roll the clock forward-- Porter is 20 months and Jacob is 6 months. It's Jacob's turn for the Johny Jump Up. He is loving it!!

Next thing I know Porter has grabbed the side of the seat and sling shot Jacob into the side of the door.
Big bruise on noggin.
Porter in time out.
Johnny Jump Up to Goodwill (thrift store).

How does something so benign turn into a weapon of mass concussion?
Lesson #2 Don't think you can go to the bathroom in 10 seconds and something not go wrong.

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