Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Disappearing Crayon

I was coloring with Jacob (3) and Porter (4). Jacob had taken the paper off and broken his purple crayon in 5 pieces.  I turned to help Porter with his picture. When I turned back Jacob's 5 pieces of crayon were gone. I asked Jacob what happened to them. He told me he had shoved them up his nose. I couldn't see any of the pieces so I called the pediatrician. We went right over and the doctor was able to pull out 4 pieces relatively easily.
"All done." the doctor said.
"Oh, no" I replied, "there is one more piece."
"There couldn't possibly be." And so we went home.
A week later his right nostril started running clear and he didn't feel well. A low grade fever set in the next week.
In week 4 he suddenly did a huge sneeze and out popped the missing piece of purple crayon. But it wasn't purple any more- his sinuses had bleached it white.
Anyone for coloring?

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  1. Robin...that is hilarious and sounds quite little Natalia stuffed beads from a broken bracelet up her nose when she was 1 or 2...thank goodness I was able to get them out before going to the doctor!!!....

    purple crayon turning white is too funny...

    thanks for the stories...